Thursday, March 31, 2011

[Version 3(Stable)With Pop up Message!] Android 3.0 Honeycomb By : siris_cac

Hello Guyss!..
I m Back with New Rocking Mod..
I call it "Android 3.0 Honeycomb". :) 

Android 3.0 Honeycomb Download - Version 3.0

Version 3.0 Released! 
                                       <No Preview>
Version 2.3 Released ! 

Version 2.2 Released !
<No Preview>  

Version 2.1 [Stable] Preview:

Version 2.0 [Stable] Preview:

Version 1.0 Preview :

Beta Preview:

Features: (Version 3.0[Stable])

1.First Android theme with 7 page desktop.
2.Fully user customisable.
3.New multiware widget added.(Remember It can be used only in my Android Honeycomb theme.In others it wont work.)
4.Used HD icons.
5.Page Indicator As like as Android's.
6.Increased Speed.
7.Honeyccomb Looks.
8.Honeycomb Lockscreen.. (Amazing lockscreen As if its Original.. Took some pain to do it.. )
9.Added Music Player.! ..
10.Added New Sounds!!
11.Added "Charging" Notification with % in lock screen ..!
12.SuperSpeed Edition !!
13.Live Wallpaper Edition (donot Support .jpg Extension)
14.New Miniplayer Widget !!
15.POP UP message.
16.Sliding status bar.
17.Profile changer.
18.Direct link to Google Maps in Dropbar!

Version 3.0  Extension Manager™ ! ;)

Coming up next on Android 3.1 Honeycomb Version 3.0.. 

1.Extension Manager™ .!
2.More Lockscreens.
3.New widgets.

Report me those bugs here..


Hope you all Enjoy,


  1. Can you send a patch file that is in the video android 3.0 honeycomb? please ... I like how it looks during the early cell phone turned on ... please send on this email: or give me a link to download the patch file .. thanks before मेरे भाई

  2. hello I would like to inquire about the mod lg optimus 3d. How long you and your friends will go out this mod?

    1. A beta version is already released.. for updates, see

  3. or which firmware do you think is the best for my mobile and i live in hyderabad

    1. S5620XEJE1 is the fastest and the best..

  4. my firmware is S5620XEJE1 but my files have nothing in honeycomb so pls tell me??????

  5. Menu n Lock Screen didn't work...

    I used "Menu" in other mod...

    1. hey can u please say me the process to install this in monte.

  6. I dint put my files..
    If you want. . use anyother mmy files.swf..

    1. while wearing my hp honeycomb theme so slow. How to make my samsung monte is not slow when using the theme of honeycomb 3.0?

  7. hey siris... i'm one of ur avid fan... u r really genius... how i wish i could use ur new MOD but my phone s5620 has dead boot after some flashing... is there anything i can do repair its boot? thanx for the help in advance.

  8. maybe you have idea about JTAG.. how can i do it... step by step please idol..

  9. iwant to install that but i want add arabic to read it how i can make that !?

  10. Hello,
    i installed Android 3.0 Honeycomb but i got hanging problem so i flashed it with Firmware MJMF1 now my bluetooth and wifi is not working plz help me


  11. please tell,
    what firmware do you use?

  12. HELLO IS CURVASUD siris cac I wonder if I absolutely have to install linux to install android in the S5620 up because I already use Windows 7 thank you answer me quickly;

  13. @paritosh: Thanks, i ll release v-3.0 soon.
    @Mahdi:Visit darforestforum.
    @ines :I dont think so.

  14. hello siris_cac , I use your mod honeycomb android but I want to disable some patches but when I come off the patches menu, the settings return to default
    how I save the settings before leaving the patches menu

  15. Use Lock button to save the changes.

  16. i changed my firmware to mfjf1 and after that i used ur honeycomb 2.3 by using multiloader 5.56
    .after patching my phone is looking as in old mfjf1 and slow too.and have a problem that it doesnt show fonts

  17. u must have to see else mobile and plz make the else mobile mod its going to be rock

  18. I face a problem . there is no pop up for miss call and new messages. please guide

  19. which Fw should i use? which is the best for this mod?

  20. Hiee! I have firmware DDJC2/DDJD2.. will Android 3.0 Honeycomb v2.3 work for me?
    Thanx in advance!

  21. @Aravid : Disable font patch in patch menu.And the pop up mssgs will be done in next version.
    @Nitin : Whats that?
    @FaiZi:MFJF1 or XEJE1
    @Hetul Gabani : It wont. Flash your phone to XeJE1 or MFJF1 or any patchable FW's

  22. Hi..i recently flashed my monte using 5.64 multiloader to MFJF1 firmware and installed Honey Comb 3 version 2.3...
    But in files is not working.
    It opens but nothing is displayed inside it.
    Plz help..

  23. hi,
    I have DDJE1 fw. bought the phone in India.
    can i flash my phone with XEJE1 ???

  24. Himeel@
    ya. The myfiles wont work. Just do one thing... i.e
    drop some other mod's


    in the 'flash' folder of 'res.'
    and then apply the mod........ and u are done.

    if u are still doubtful then just call me 9700260582........ am from andhra pradesh.
    add zero if u are from other state.
    mail id is

    Thanks to sirish brother for guiding me once....

    well. u can flash ur phone with xeje1..... flash it with xeje1 coz thats better rather than mfjf1.........

    and be very very careful while flashing.... dont flash wrongly and brick ur phone.. if u mistake in flashing then thats it... just throw it in the dust bin .... and flash it with MultiLoader_V5.62.exe .
    hope u know how to flash... if not then contact me

  25. hi Srinu and Siris,
    today i flashed my phone to XEJE1 ... successfully. thanks for answering my queries.

  26. i also patched version 3.0.
    its beautiful. great work.

    i am also facing the "my files" problem.
    will try out what Srinu has suggested.
    "...The myfiles wont work. Just do one thing... i.e drop some other mod's ..."
    thanks Srini & Siris!
    @Siris: just out of curiosity...any harm in adding "my files"? ...

  27. how to add mods for my files please explain in detail

  28. hasi SiriS_CaC, can i put this mod ona my monte with FW XXJA4, thanks.

  29. hello everybody. this is wonderful work. thank you for android and the other themes. I know how install it (multiloader) . but I have two questions. first one. which version of multiloader. second one "how install res folder?" I don't understand it. and in read me it isn't writting anything. please help me. thank you =)=)

    1. for flashing, use multiloader 6.62 and for patching,use multiloader 5.56

  30. hey SiriS , Will it work on the DDJL1..
    plz reply

  31. @javi

    no it wont work dude..... coz u need to have patches for moding

    there aint any patches for ur firmware.....
    so real sorry
    so better try flashing to xeje1, but not mfjf1 coz u wont find it much helpful.


    the above answer writen to javi is ur answer too......

  32. oh... nice to hear you.. Sri ...
    Thank You....
    but the flash of xeje1 ll work for me uh...
    coz i already tried and finally ... stuck on with that ddjl1...

    and u know even when i bought....
    the factory firmware is xeje1...

    tried to mod that in whic it was the first time.... and just got Sucks there...

    so am asking.... ?

    and can you pls get me the link for the original firmware of xxje1... plz


    enjoy downloading it and careful flashing it !

    bye dude !

    take care

    feel free to call me !
    after 6pm dialy

  34. Hey thats cool ...dude...
    Thank YOu......
    Downloading it now....

  35. Hi Siris !!!
    I tried Honeycomb 3.0 today in my XEJE1 but its damn slow any way to increase its speed?
    ~Arul Britto ~
    ~~ CBE ~~

  36. hey bro nice....
    really amaze that u made this by urself....
    but how it works is thair any tutorial to install....plz help me out

  37. hey bro i m dfg member i tried ur theme on my star it works amazingly with live wall paper as u have done a great job ....wnt like any other cnvrting it for star so i humbly request u to convert this version for star. mxejf1 a fast firmware..!
    with regards..
    proud to be indian!

  38. amazing bro!!!
    it needs a mind of a genius to do what u've done...

    i m using an android phone and have learned how to root it and install custom roms that gives me full control over my phone. I love android because i can experiment wid it.

    din't know that we could do the same thing with samsung monte as i have one wid me. i like your latest "Android 3.0 Honeycomb" mod. hwvr, i'm a little dumb for i don't know i sud flash it.

    Your guidance wud be greatly apprecited... Pls help me and provide instructions to install this mod in my phone.

  39. thank you for helping the guys sirnu..
    @nikhil: i ll do it if i have time..
    chk this out..
    Nwe mod HTC Sensation HD is on its way!

  40. hi again...

    I finally succeeded in flashing my phone and i hope that now i can customize my phone with supporting mods.

    Thanx for your blog and for your instructios.

  41. No prob! always happy to help! :)

  42. Hello, nice job dude. I just have a question, I have my samsung monte using 3g service, my fremwork is s5620LWMJB1 and I whant to flash it with XEJE1, how can i do it? do i lose the 3g service to my phone? if i lose 3g, exist a flash able the to use 3g service? thaks

  43. Yeah.. but there's also possibility of loosing the 3G reception bec. the FW your using maybe specially designed for your place to support 3G..

  44. ok thanks, also I have been reading that I must have unlocked the network service or I will brick my phone. so i will wait a little bit to get the monte mod. good luck.

  45. hiiii
    i have done it but my phone was not starting up........ so please tell me what to do????????????????

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  47. This comment has been removed by the author.

  48. @SiriS_CaC:i really loved your mod its absolutely awesome i found one bug in it.
    When i open menu and my files everything is blank and it doesn't show any files or folders

  49. My Files.swf is missing.
    You have to put it in flash folder.

  50. @SiriS_CaC:
    thanks the mod looks damn awesome......

  51. when are you releasing the next version?

  52. Hi Siris, how can i do to put in spanish this mod? Is fast o slow this mod?
    I'm from argentine!
    Excelent work!

  53. Its only in English for now ..
    Its fast now..
    Thanx :)

  54. Thanks for answer. Approximate date of exit for the mod 3.0?Can you put in spanish?Last question. Do you recomend Indoptimus 3D o it's slow?

    Lot of thanks.

  55. Another question. Windows Aero Mod is fast? It's in spanish?Thanks again.

  56. Indoptimus 3D is faster.
    I cant add spanish now..its only in english..
    I ll add support for it soon.
    Windows Aero is unstable.

  57. PLZ...
    tell me how to install the mod ......
    from where i will get "Files.swf"
    from where i will find it"Files.swf"
    help waiting for ur respond.....

  58. New version released.
    Fixed the Myfiles issue.

  59. Nice! Excelent work Siris. It criticizes one constructive opinion. Put Spanish in this new mode please?
    Which firmware work better for this mod?

    Again, excelent work

  60. hey...i cant download the says "the file is private and only admin can view it" <<--- on mediafire... please help me

  61. i am also facing same problem....
    same as "Eni"
    what to do.....

  62. Hi Siris!

    I flash my phone with XEJE1. Then i patch and installeda indoptimus mod. Now, I have some questions

    1- Why in te patch menu (lock botton + power) says ERROR CODE:0000061? It can be fix?
    2- When i want to use the calculator (in the menu or the app) it frezze?
    3- When i turn off the phone, it return to the stock setting, How can i change that?
    4. Last question. Which options in the patch menu I can disable to do the mod faster?

    With Android 3.0 Which Firmware work better?

    After that , mod is great!

  63. Android 3.0 Honeycomb Version 3.0 is good thanks for mod i like it

  64. congrat for new android 3.0 @ monte, i have some question with my monte when i patch with the new android the font show box like this (), please advise??

  65. Today i have modded and and added honeycomb ver 3 but the mobile starts hanging a lot everytime i use to change the wallpaper phone got hang,plz give the solution.I have modded it with XEJE1 AND ALSO PATCHED WITH XEJE1.plz help i dont like to restart the phone everytime it hangs

  66. Man i must admit that you are a real artiste being able to create a awsome mod like this! i really appreciate the new modifications like pop-up msg,visual looks,dropbar,etc. As an user i would like to report some bugs to you which i will be grateful if you consider eliminating them in 3.1! bugs common to all mods including yours- 1.while dialling the 1st digit gets hidden to the left 2.while typin enter comes as a sign or as a box which just comes a blank in normal firmware 3.calculator.swf,prebuilt calculator and dictionary cant be accessed 4.srry though you said it to be superspeed edition bt lik othrs it remains fast just for a few moments but aftr that any fast action hangs it 5.absence of event widget as present in normal firmware showing the name of msg sender or miss caller is always out of date nw bugs only in this mod- widget and wallies screen there is written idges and alies 2.i would request you to leave the colour.bin as original as the bright orange colour doest look good with this mod! the original is better than that 3.absence of a honeycomb main menu! you must make a real mainmenu_cm.swf for honeycomb! otherwise we get the original bogus samsung menu! 4.if the idges in widgets and wallies screen is touched and scrolled then they swipe away inside the page blocking alies! 5.any app pauses and phone locks if the specified backlight time is over! it is a real issue to us who dwnld much from phone say with operamini regardless we are downloading the download aborts and apps pauses off with phone locked! in normal firmware phone never locks during a running app! i know an artiste like you would give priority to userfeedback! thnx a lot in advance!

  67. Hey,
    thanks for your feedback! i really welcome it.
    but as you know, many of the bugs are not related to the theme, but it's related to the patches.
    Just read this FAQ.,8639.0.html

    I think you might find solutions for all the problems.

  68. could i run .apk application in this Android 3.0 Honeycomb mod on samsung monte? pls notify me

  69. ur great dude but am new in modding samsung , only want to know that am not able to select the apps.bin & rsrc2 while selecting the apps and rsrc file it says
    cannot load the file

    please guide me i have flashed my firmware to
    S5620XEJE1 and while selecting the apps and rsrc file it says
    cannot load the file so please me for the same ur great once again thanks and my mail id is

  70. where is the apps_compressed.bin & Rsrc2_S5620(Low).rc2 file thanks i copied the res folder to phone but it didnt worked so i think i nees compressed bin and rsrc2 low thanks in advance

  71. I converted mine into android but wanna know how can i add more wallpapers into res folder coz after adding more its not updating its self.Like their is 27 wallpapers into that folder after adding 10 more it still show 27, whats the probable solution. and after converting into android does android apps works on it. if yes , what are they ...after installing honeycomb2 i cant access few folders that i can on hero how to access those in honeycomb3. good luck for new one// do reply

  72. @virajjshah , you cant install apk apps!!
    @akshy, use multiloader 5.56 for loading rsrc2 on apps_patched.
    and use the files included with my previous version.
    @amrinder , edit the value of noOfWallpapers in AndroidConfig.xml

  73. He Honycomb pls help me for moding stemps, i am trying for moding but it's not coming................pls hep me ..... pls mail me moding steps at

    1. It doesnt matter which firmware you have.You will have to flash your fone..
      Things You will need.
      and the above mod also..
      For the links, you will see an ad,on right top click skip ad which will come in 5 seconds.

  74. Please Help Me Sir I M Patch Your Mods Android 3.0 Honeycomb for s5620Made By-siriscac In My monte Fw xeje1 All Theme Function Is Working Gr8 But I M open the File Manger There I Cant Show Anything in Phone Or Card No Folder No Files Plz Help Me to Continue This Theme

    1. witch off your phone.. Switch it on by pressing unlock key and end call..This will open the patch menu..Your touchscreen doesnt work here..Use volume to go up and down,camera to select,call to exit and unlock key to save. Now disable the myfiles patch by going on it and pressing camera key.the press unlock to save and press call to go back and select restart. And voila!! Good Luck!!

  75. hey how to apply the .swf my monte S5620....i hv downloades honeycomb ....and after that ..its just showing the files...they r working...but how to apply i cant see any option for applying them

    1. you cant apply.. this is not a nokia phone xD
      you need to patch it..
      read the blog posts..

  76. Hi, I can't download the mod link.. please mail the android 3.0 mod to- thanks.

  77. This comment has been removed by the author.

  78. Hi..
    I'm Rizwan from Indonesia,,
    this my first time change my monte's theme,,
    my FW
    (SW VER)

    (CSC VER)

    Emh,, what items would i download to make Android 3.0 Honeycomb Version 3.0 ??
    can you give me the links of the item ?

    thank you so much before,,

    here is my e-mail if you need it

    1. Read my blog post for how to change themes.

  79. hey bro it is fcking amazing..congrats
    !!! i really wantit. but idk whats wrong with the server

    1. Its working.. click the skip ad on the top

  80. yeah i didit,but the link doesnt download,checkit out and u will see

  81. This comment has been removed by the author.

  82. mm fck...then idk wtf is hapening with my IP :/ can u sendit me plz i really wantit....if u can,this is my email: ty very mch

  83. m nt able to download tht plzz help...

  84. Menu AND Music player buttons not working ... I guess that-s a relatively BIG bug :D

    apart from that u know siriS that this is the BEST monte mod (due to it been the fastest and having the best interface of them all )

    1. For menu disable Menu patch from the patch menu.
      Put Musicplayer.swf from the previous version .

    2. hey bro plz can u sendit to me, for some reason i cant downloadit thx anyways

  85. Hey Epic Mod!!! Looks great! :D
    my only concern is, will it work on the XXJA4 firmware? If not, which firmware would it work on?
    Thanks for your time, plz reply soon I want this mod!!!!

  86. after downloading what i have to do...where shud i put that file/folder in handset?

  87. i face a problem i can't see the font in places like settings, incoming call ,..... plz help

  88. I have prlobem on patch xje1 multiloader can not open apss

  89. hello can u please tell me how to make my monte look like the one in the video....?????????????

  90. Hi,

    I've just installed "Android Honeycomb 3.0 Version-3.0 By-siris_cac" but it seems the bugs below are not solved.

    - Miss call Notification won't open when you press the button
    - The button (Player) Doesn't work
    - Why is the Wallies called Allaes and the Widgets called idges?

    Do you know if there is a 3.1 version coming soon.
    By the way, what is "popup message" you'are referring to? How it works

    Thanks Siris for your version anyway, it's one of the best!

  91. Hello Sir!
    I am Using Samsung monte i download the Honeycomb But how to it path file sir pls pls pls help me

    My Email id is

  92. plz help me bro.. to download this mod [Version 3(Stable)With Pop up Message!] Android 3.0 Honeycomb.. your given path doesn't work... plz tell me another path or way to download it..

  93. Hey Iam Vamshi.....My phone is not getting patch mod..its not opening patch mod through LOCK + POWER ON/OFF is is directly getting on while i press those to buttons...please help me...what should i do?

  94. hi Siris i have seen a video in youtube using this mod but with Live Wallpapers.

    i tried by replacing few wallpapers in res folder (1.jpg 2.jpg) with 1.swf 2.swf

    Didnt work

    Also renamed 1.swf--> 1.jpg 2.swf-->2.jpg

    again no sucess

    also the player you showed in the preview video is different. how to get that player in home screen?

  95. My fone has DDKC1 firmware. How can I mod my monte?

  96. hi, i'm using mfjf1 fw . can u pls guid me how to mod android 3.0 to my samsung monte s5620.
    my email id is

  97. did u got any links?

    1. arya if u gt any send me on my id

  98. send me files for firmware s5620ddkc1 on

    as soon as u can

  99. thankssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  100. hi siris can u plz upload live wall papers tht u showd in he video?

  101. how i patch ddkc1 and inatall android

  102. is this mothod is safe for ddkc1 firmware?

  103. i want to install android software on gts5620 monte....
    please help me

  104. i want to install android software on gts5620 monte....
    please help me pls send me the steps to my

  105. how to install on samsung monte please send the procedure.

  106. mail me the full details pls

  107. hi.. siris... this mod is awesome, thanks for making my samsung s6520 look's great.. you've done a great job.... but i have a problem to read my message.. it's turn black and there is no way to read the message... can you solved it... many thanks..

  108. wait.. it's done... just replace the fonts folder to phone memory... thanks dude.. :)